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The White Mule Winery and Bed & Breakfast is a turn of the century farmstead house that is located in the heart of wine country in central Missouri. The winery has utilized an existing barn and several 100 + year reconstructed barns to create a unique atmosphere that gives way to a better understanding of the traditions and values of a time worth reminiscing.

The farmstead sat directly behind the old Charlotte store and post office. The Schlottach’s great grandfather was a blacksmith in the Charlotte Community which served the Old Iron Road Trail that went from St. James Missouri to the Missouri River at Hermann. Oxen and teams pulled heavy iron ore along the trail to barges on the river in the late 1800s.

The Schlottach Family acquired the neighboring Roethemeyer Farm in 2004, planted their first vineyard, and restored the old house naming it The White Mule. The Roethemeyer family was one of the last of the old-time farm families in the area still using a pair of white mules to farm their land into the 1980’s. The mules had a favored pasture right along a sharp curve on Highway 50 allowing local truckers to dub the curve “White Mule Curve.”

Come by and try our wines and listen to a few more interesting stories about the White Mule and get a little taste of great American history. 

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Our Wines

There's no doubt about it!
Our Wine - Impossible to taste just one sip! 
A true native American grape grown by great American icons like Thomas Jefferson, but is only now gaining recognition because of its aging in Missouri...



Come Dine With Us!
We are open for meals on Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and evening, and Sunday afternoon. All guests are welcome!
Drive Your Tastebuds Wild
Farm Fresh Steak
White Mule "farm-to-table" 


Bed & Breakfast

Check out this turn of the century farmhouse! This 100+ year old farm home sits directly behind the winery! It has been fully refurnished and has a unique rustic design that will truly make you feel at home and not at a hotel.


Special Occasions

Looking to have your on-site wedding, class reunion, birthday, or other event catered? Brimming with historical accents and old-world charm, our family-owned event facility is the perfect location whether you're throwing a lavish party or opting for something more intimate, we will be there to ensure your event is memorable.